Living a sober life…Here goes…

I just read a wonderful post on vulnerability so here goes: I’ve been sober for almost two years after living a life where alcohol became something I looked forward to, too much. It interfered with my well-being. I thought coming from a family that suffered from generations of substance abuse and alcoholism would make me stronger and resistent to this horrible disease. I was wrong. It caught up with me. As I say, “my family’s gene pool is filled with alcohol.” It was the BEST decision I ever made, to quit. Our culture celebrates alcohol to a fault, IMHO, and my hope is that the narrative changes a bit. I don’t want to be preachy here – I can’t stand that approach. My post this morning is about sharing a sense of vulnerability – taking a risk – in hopes that it inspires someone who reads this. That’s it. But maybe more.

We talk to our students about the importance of taking risks, putting themselves out there, failing – all to learn more deeply and grow as as humans. Shouldn’t we do the same? I am sharing something publicly for the first time to a community of writers. I’m tearing up as I type this. I am nervous yet exhilarated. I hope I am reaching the right “audience” – that my “message” echos and/or helps someone – and that my “purpose” rings true.

Thank you SOL for providing this opportunity. I just breathed a huge sigh of relief coupled with joy.

29 thoughts on “Living a sober life…Here goes…

  1. Congratulations to you Lisa !!!! Insert a parade in your honor RIGHT HERE. This parade is full of all your favorite colors, people, & music. Live each day proud of what you’ve done for your self, those closest to you and the possibilities of what all is to be!

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    1. Thank you, Deb! This was adifficult post but if it helps ONE person, it’s worthwhile. And thank you for posting it correctly. I was wondering if it posted correctly…I wanted to edit it to make sure but it doesn’t look like that’s possible? Or am I missing something? Thank you for your support. This is my first #SOL and it is INCREDIBLE! Thank you twowritingteachers!


  2. Lisa, thanks for being so very, very brave, to share something so important. I’m sure your post will help at least one person and probably a few more! Congratulations on your sobriety!

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  3. Our purposes sometimes are even bigger than we hope or see. Thank you for your vulnerability and congratulations for making life choices that were and are right for you and many others. Alcohol is a very dangerous drug under the guise of fun which raises the situation exponentially. Keeping writing your truth. It looks good on you.


    1. Thank you so much, Vanessa. Yes, our culture perpetuates this lifestyle but I’m trying to do my best to rid the “stigma.” I’m at the point that I’m proud of my healthier choices. Thank you for your support.


  4. Lisa, I applaud your strength.. and I know the obstacles you’ve had to overcome (daily).

    You are a giant living among humanity – I feel so privileged reading what you’re sharing with us, thank you. 🙂

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    1. Veronica, I can’t tell you how much your response means. Thank you for taking the time. This post reinforces that we are giving our students the right message by encouraging vulnerability and taking risks.

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  5. I am really impressed with your willingness to be vulnerable. I applaud you. And well written too! Succinct and heartfelt, reaching out and daring us to reach back. I hope you have a wonderful SOL month!

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  6. Thank you being vulnerable to sharing this. I grew up with alcoholism in my family, too. Even that admission can sometimes be wrenching. Not by my merit, fully the grace of God I have been free of it myself. I wish you continued sobriety. It’s best for you and all close to you, too.

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  7. Oh Lisa thank you so much for your bravery and sincere heart in sharing. Your experience is very close to home for me. I had a parent who struggled with this for years and years and years. I can promise your commitment to change and step out with so much courage and strength is the greatest example you could ever give your children (and students!) My dad’s commitment to change honestly altered my whole world. Life is so different today because he did what was hard. I applaud you for doing the same ❤

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  8. I,too, wish to join the throng of those who appreciate your very honest post. I grew up with an alcoholic uncle who ruined all our childhood family occasions. I now have an alcoholic sister-in-law who is not ready for self-awareness and is making it harder and harder to participate in and enjoy family occasions. I am actually dreading the next one in a week. It must have taken incredible strength for you to overcome your weakness, and then even more to go public with it. I can’t even imagine…. So best wishes to you for your relief in publishing this and to TWT for providing a supportive community in which you felt comfortable enough to share.

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    1. Thanks, Barbara, for your thoughtful response. It means a lot. It’s an issue that’s more common than people realize and it’s my hope that we can have have more open and honest conversations about these previously “swept under the rug” topics.

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