Collaborating is coaching

I work with a third grade teacher who is wonderful to work with – always willing to try anything, always reflecting, always reading what I send to her šŸ™‚ – so today we tried the comic sans trick that has the interweb all atwitter. Supposedly using this previously maligned font now fosters writing volume and stamina.While this applies to adults, I knew this new thinking could influence third graders as well. Combining this thinking with letter writing seemed like a great idea to inspire the students; we’re in the middle of a NF unit and the teacher spotted an article in the local paper that encouraged people to write to animals at the local shelter. The shelter workers actually spend time reading the letters to the shelter animals and they LOVE it! Licks and kisses galore!

Well, the kids were so engaged and motivated between the comic sans font and writing to dogs and cats – and a bunny – it was a joy to witness. Oh, the wonders of psychology and animals!

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