Total Escape

I read so many professional resources that I look forward to escaping into one of my favorite genres: psychological thrillers. I read the well-publicized best-sellers; have read Gillian Flynn, A. J, Flynn, Harlan Coben (check out the crazy piece on him in a recent New Yorker), and just read The Dry by Jane Harper. Now I’m just starting the Silent Patient (rainy, icy Sunday so it’s perfect to tuck into), the debut novel by Alex Michaelides (no spoilers please :). The thrillers I choose are dark and suspenseful – just what I like, but I read them as a great escape and distraction from work and technology and sometimes real life. It’s not great “literature” – though I do enjoy that, too! But give me mysteries any time.

I also love watching scandi-noir and British series on Netflix, though I HATE that they took the subtitles away and overdubbed them! If you’re interested, check out Bordertown, Broadchurch, The Fall, Trapped, The Lava Field, Fortitude, The Break (Belgian), No Second Chance, and The Frozen Dead.

Should you read this, I always enjoy some good recommendations. Thanks, in advance!


9 thoughts on “Total Escape

  1. I too spend my free time not necessarily on proper things. My brain needs a break. We use it SO much. I’ll check out your Netflix recommendations; some I have seen already and really enjoyed!!


  2. I spend a great deal of time reading, as well, but hardly ever “break reads”. I was just thinking to myself that I need to get back to the book that is sitting on our coffee table untouched (other than to move for dusting purposes). Thanks for the recommendations, although I tend to be the trashy novel type.

    Netflix recommendations are similar … Just watched a few hilarious episodes of Workin’ Moms (total trash, but a great escape)! Love Ray Donovan (Showtime), too.

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  3. Wish I had any. Usually don’t read thrillers, they keep me up, but the younger generation of my family is all about the true crime podcasts. Just like I say to students, it’s ok to read whatever you like. I’ve be n known to read a mystery or a romance.


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