Much Ado About Weather

Quickly dragging the garbage and recycling (do they really recycle these items? But that’s a different post…) down the driveway this morning, I happily breathed in the warmer air. As I drove to school a bit later I was wondering about possibilities for my SOL topic. I looked up towards my left at the visible rays of sunshine bursting through the pines as the fog rose. God, that’s beautiful, I whispered to myself. I could feel the warmth through the glass and smiled, knowing that this was a sign that spring was around the corner – even with the knowledge there would be a few fits and starts. I left a school building around lunch time brightly greeted by a blue sky, dripping roof water, and a delightful 10 degree rise in temperature. “Hi! beautiful day, isn’t it?,” a colleague exuded. “Can’t wait to walk later!” I replied excitedly.

The weather affects our outlook, our mood, our behavior. It isn’t a wonder why poems, essays, and endless prose have been written about The Weather. I was reticent about my SOL topic – another post about what it looks like and feels like outside my windows?? Really ?! But, hey, it’s powerful and integral to our lives. We write about topics that impact us deeply. Things that we know. Often that is the weather.


7 thoughts on “Much Ado About Weather

  1. I wrote about weather today too. Well technically I will tomorrow. My head was swimming with cares and woes this morning and then I watched the sun slowly rising, those reds with the pale blues. Who can be sad or worried in the face of that… at least temporarily.

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  2. There’s so much truth in your post. I had a similar moment when I saw the incredible sunrise this morning with its purples and pinks and reds. And then after school I took my walk in the rain! It is March–that temperamental weather month…perfect for blog posts and poetry!

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  3. It’s amazing just how much the weather affects us. The sun usually changes everything to me. Coupled with good weather, I’m in heaven. I love the wayb you set the tone.


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