What. Is. Happening?

I was just texting with a colleague regarding my experiences on interview committees within our school district. Some assume (not the person with whom I was texting 🙂 that favorites are played, decisions are made prior to the process if it’s internal, etc. That has never been my experience. I can say that people I’ve served with have been fair, ethical, collegial, respectful, open to debate and civil discourse, knowledgeable, honest, and thoughtful. I commented that “fairness reigns.”

As soon as I wrote those last two words, my mind went to the whole college admissions scandal. (Side comment: With the amount of scandals the news reports do you feel like I do? That we’re living in an alternate universe? And it’s so important that we don’t get numb to it and it gets normalized”…) Obviously, this whole thing is beyond reprehensible, unconscionable, and criminal. But what really bothers me as a parent and educator is that these parents exposed their children to this immoral and unethical behavior! And made them a part of it! Shame on them! What kind of life are they living that allows them to think all this is OK? I just don’t get it. I really don’t. It’s sickening. The sense of entitlement floors me. Yuck.


8 thoughts on “What. Is. Happening?

  1. They live in another world, Lisa.. where they’re not the teacher who sacrifices (sleep, worry and concern for all, sometimes dignity), scratching a middle-class living.

    They probably think they don’t hurt anyone, so it’s a victimless crime.

    I hope they throw the book at them, that there’s more noise than their latest movie, song, entertainment venture.. and that we start seeing “I was a admissions hustler. Don’t be a parent who scams.”

    Thanks for opening the door to tell us how you feel.


  2. As the reports came in gliding the news, our 3 children were listening & appalled over this, THANK GOD. I love your point of not becoming immune to such horrific acts, especially ones that involve our children. Sick.

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  3. Back to your first thought. It is amazing the rumors and misinformation that surfaces when there is a change. I suppose it is people’s way of controlling a situation. Not very helpful way.


  4. I share your outrage and predict that we who strive to ensure fairness will overcome every such instance of what you cite here. There will be many, but our example will prevail.


  5. I am outraged that parents would pay for their children to obtain a fancy diploma as opposed to employing private tutors or paying for additional classes. It’s disgusting.


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