Having hard conversations is…hard

Hemming and hawing. Should I say something? I don’t want to offend her, but I’m concerned.

Oh, it’s not that bad, maybe I won’t.

Wake up this morning still thinking about it, so I know it’s worthwhile to have the conversation. My heart starts beating a bit faster. My armpits prickle. My breathing becomes more rapid. I take a couple of deep breaths. Off I go.

I know. I know! she’s trying not to yell.

I want to have a healthy discussion, I say. It’s not a lecture.

Back and forth. Like a seesaw. Walking through the steps of a serious discussion. Tensions rise then fall, finally. Talk is met with understanding and comprehension and compassion. Hug exchanged. I leave with a smile and feeling of catharsis. Then, of course, I think, did it work? We shall see.


8 thoughts on “Having hard conversations is…hard

  1. You capture the tension expertly. As a reader I am so curious – what’s the context, is it family, work? And then I realize that’s not really the point at all. It’s the decision and follow through and what comes after.

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  2. You relayed all the emotions perfectly. The careful use of sentence length struck all the right chords, and I’m left wondering the same thing, with the same amount of tension.. did it work?

    I hope it did! 🙂


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