Foods and Fragrances

Two slicers inspired my post today. One wrote about how certain foods conjured up fond childhood memories and another used a list as her slice format. My slice today is influenced by both:

  1. Dove soap = memories of spending countless weekends at my best friend’s houses in the 70’s
  2. Infinity perfume = my mom who passed away too young at age 67 from stomach cancer
  3. Leather and Old Spice aftershave = visits to my beloved grandfather and our chats in his office
  4. Hermit cookies = deelish! A baker’s truck would come by our house in my early youth and deliver them. They were soft, and chewy bursting with clove, cinnamon, and nutmeg flavor accented with plump raisins.
  5. Frosted Orange Revlon lipstick toned down with white lipstick = believe it or not it looked great on my mom
  6. Mac and Cheese = made with a roux, of course. Oh, the aroma from the oven, always topped with bread crumbs and melted butter! I loved to eat it cold the next day and scoop it out with a spoon so the macaroni would end up in a perfect curve in my bowl.
  7. The smell of cedar = my parents built a cedar closet in our old house to avoid moth-eaten items of clothing
  8. Certain cars = My dad always had leather interiors that smelled better with time. Now I have one and I feel like my dad’s in the passenger seat every morning 🙂


6 thoughts on “Foods and Fragrances

  1. Yes, foods, smells, and songs have ways to take me back to some very special memories! I may have to use this for a slice because finding ideas is becoming more difficult!

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