Jim Knight Webinar

I had the pleasure of attending a Jim Knight – Instructional Coaching author and expert -webinar recently and he reminded me of the most important characteristics of being a successful LA coach and teacher leader:

  1. Follow-up on PD; it should be an instructional focus – not a one and done
  2. Foster equality, collaboration, collegiality, and reciprocity
  3. Developing TRUST is of utmost importance
  4. If “you insist, people will resist.” Love this one – so true.
  5. It isn’t important to BE right, but to DO right.
  6. Model, model, model. With teachers and your kids
  7. Be engaged in an emotionally positive and passionate way
  9. Keep lines of communication open and effective
  10. Be ambitious for change and respectful to teachers and students
  11. Ensure that students have CHOICE and VOICE!! Research suggests that kids are seven times more likely to SUCCEED when they have a voice. I also encourage teachers to give opportunities for student to reflect verbally and in writing on their own work and teacher instruction and curriculum. FEEDBACK is powerful and necessary, but we have to USE it.

I hope this is helpful!

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