Inspiring kids to write

I purchased two wonderful books at the beginning of this school year and am sharing the titles with you – whether you like it or not :): Bourque’s book (image)and Linda Rief’s Quick Writes Handbook. As a coach, I am using Rief’s book with 7th and 8th grade teachers and it’s been a gamechanger in terms of student motivation, investment, engagement, and variety. They love it! The title is apropos since the students are given about 2-3 minutes to write – just enough time to spark their writing brains. Pieces can be added on to later, revised, and/or used for word work and editing later – or never to be returned to again. Choice.

Bourque’s book does the same thing for the elementary student and is just as brilliant. You can spend as short or as long on one of the suggestions as you’d like. Every day in writer’s ws or a couple times a week. Whatever floats your boat.

For example, our 4th graders are in the midst of a NF/persuasive unit and they are struggling to paraphrase. Well, just turn to page 65 and, voila! Kids can practice paraphrasing with a series of short quick writes:

One of this year’s coaching foci for me has been helping teachers to increase their students’ writing volume, stamina, and engagement. These resources have been invaluable.


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