A long week and happy it’s Friday. I couldn’t wait to get home and change into my pj’s. Yes, that’s my Friday night. Catching some Netflix or Amazone Prime or binge worthy shoes on the couch with my hubby. Speaking of these, here are some of my faves: Ozark, Safe, No Second Chances, Bordertown, The Break, Trapped, Deadwind, Broadchurch, Borderliner – too name a few. I love the dark thrillers, Scandi-noir, British or French.

What do you watch?


4 thoughts on “TGIF

  1. Two nights of meetings this week, two full PD days, planning for an after school PD on Monday, and our school fundraiser tomorrow night… all I can say is ME TOO. Pizza Fridays at our house in yoga pants and a sweater. All my teacher friends are right there with you, but … I watch HGTV or PBS, sometimes a movie. Tonight I fell asleep watching NCAA basketball… in my chair. Errands tomorrow but on this rainy night just sleep.


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