The Importance of Audience

Many school districts are in the midst of various forms of non-fiction units. Ours included. We are exploring persuasive NF writing currently and in two of my classrooms today, we needed midworkshop teaching points centered around the importance of audience. The majority of students needed reminders to be thinking about who they were writing to so they can best persuade their specific audience to take action. We know that when students have a specific audience to write to they are more motivated, engaged, and invested. They write with more stamina and greater volume. All good.


2 thoughts on “The Importance of Audience

  1. this is a good place to give students choice in how they present to their audience. Our kinders posted their posters around the school. The 2nd graders had letters to authors. The third graders gave speeches like mini Ted Talks. The fourth graders had slide presentations that they gave to the school community and each other. Making that audience real is such an exciting part of the new work that we are doing.


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