Spring…in Atlanta at least

Yellow-white green buds
Against a vivid blue sky
My shoulders relax
An abstract painting
Pastel green and pink palette
Swirl against azure
They fought their way through
Bursting and victorious
Hope springs eternal

My dear sister-in-law sent these pictures from Atlanta this morning. I am impatiently awaiting the same here in CT. My response to her was “Ahhh…deep breath…vicarious moments.” Hope does spring eternal.


9 thoughts on “Spring…in Atlanta at least

  1. Spring and Haiku do go together! I saw just a hint of yellow in my forsythias this morning as I finally removed my greenery from the pots by the garage. I still have a stubborn patch of icy snow in the shady front yard that can just melt away any old time now. I appreciate your sister’s share. As I look out on my beautiful pink/blue sunset, I know we aren’t too far off.

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